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Muenster competes for the title
"European Green Capital"

The Aa-Lake is the green lung for Münster - it reaches out up to the inner center.

Stockholm and Hamburg are the European Green Capitals in the years 2010 and 2011. This was the announcement made by Janez Ptocnik, the EU Commissioner for Research and Technology, during a ceremony held in Brussels. "We would obviously have liked to have been named European Green Capital", conceded Muenster's Mayor Dr. Berthold Tillmann. "But when we are honest: we were among the eight finalists for the past two years and I really do not see the fact that we were unable to assert ourselves against such fantastic and attractive cities as being a disgrace. I heartily congratulate the citizens of Stockholm and Hamburg."

The final selection will now be made from the eight European cities which especially distinguish themselves in the areas of the environment and sustainable urban development. In addition to Muenster, these include Freiburg, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Bristol, Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm.

"The decision was conceivably close. Muenster scraped past the title with two points short of the possible 150 points and was the best small city. You should still be proud", said Monika Zimmermann, from ICLEI, the German member of the Green Capital jury.

Exchange practical examples and learn from each other - these were the targets which the European Commission wanted to see achieved when it inaugurated the competition in the spring of 2008. The eight cities which made it to the finals of the Green Capital Award have already started networking with each other.

Muenster city Council - the responsibility being with the Green Spaces and Environmental Protection Department - has applied for the title "European Green Capital" with the following contents:

The Münster Application

You will find additional information on the competition and on Muenster here:

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Source: European Commission

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