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Gold! Gold! Gold!

Gold Medal for Münster

In 2006, Münster was awarded the Gold Medal in the nationwide competition, “Entente Florale – Our City in Bloom”. Simultaneously, this Westphalian metropolis was chosen to represent Germany at the international level in 2007.

The international European jury was traveling through France, Great Britain, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary and of course Germany in the summer of 2007. They assessed innovative ideas and concepts in the areas of

The private involvement of citizens, clubs and the local economy was particularly welcomed and appreciated.

Active Involvement in Entente Florale

Münster’s green and floral design couldn’t just be elevated to a competitive level within one year. What the city was presenting in the Entente Florale was the result of decades and even centuries of commitment. Sustainable planning, consistent implementation and a broad consciousness of the value of nature, particularly within the city, are required to maintain and expand on what we have already achieved.

Nevertheless in 2007 a number of special activities were undertaken for Entente Florale. This contest was a great opportunity to grab the public’s attention and focus it on the value of nature, and to reinforce the commitment to this important facet of the quality of life here.

“Münster bekennt Farbe” (‘Münster Shows Its Colors’)

Campaign sign for 'Münster Shows Its Colours'

The Municipal Office for Green Spaces and Environmental Protection already initiated the “Münster bekennt Farbe” campaign in 2006. Since then, innumerable private citizens, nursery groups, school classes, city district initiatives, garden plot owners, companies and other groups have made flowers, grassy areas and trees an issue. Elaborate balcony flower boxes, green roofs, cleaned ponds… the ideas and actions are as diverse as the people in Münster. And that’s just how it continued in 2007.

Sponsoring Projects

Münster without its green spaces would be inconceivable.  But even so, the odd garden or playground could do with even more color. Münster is counting on its environmentally committed local companies to help with this. With the corresponding financial support, we can really make an impression here – for instance, by expanding the green corridors in one’s own neighborhood, or perhaps the park next to a senior residential facility. The Municipal Office for Green Spaces and Environmental Protection offered companies 34 sponsoring projects within the framework of the Entente Florale, providing companies that identify themselves with the Münster location the opportunity to demonstrate this commitment to their customers and employees in a purely ‘natural’ way!

More than 20 companies took this chance in 2007 and there are more to come.

Thanks to the Flowers

A floral 'R' for the Flower Quiz

What would our parks, gardens, fields and meadows, balconies and terraces be without the rich color of their flowers? So for the 2007 Entente Florale, Münster let the flowers speak for themselves:

“Grünflächen-Unterhaltung” (‘Green Space Maintenance/Entertainment’)

In German, the word ‘Unterhaltung’ can mean either ‘maintenance’ or ‘entertainment’. And Münster was treating its green spaces to both!
For the Entente Florale 2007, the artist Thomas Nufer called on Münster residents to attend open air concerts along Münster’s Promenade, the city’s 5-kilometer long ‘green belt’ around the city center. The Promenade is very popular among local residents and visitors alike for cycling, running, walks, barbeques, playing, parties, kissing and holding hands, studying… and now it was time to pay the Promenade a musical tribute.
Music stimulates the growth of plants, so pros and amateurs, young and old, choirs and orchestras did their best to serenade the Promenade on three Saturdays in June.

Clean Münster

Little helpers doing a big job

Spring cleaning for Münster – the city’s waste disposal companies (AWM) were sending out a call for a general clean-up from March 23rd to the 29th. The purpose of this citywide action was to raise the awareness of local residents to the issue of city cleanliness – a major assessment criteria factor for the Entente Florale judges. Alone in 2006, some 6,000 local residents had participated, including school classes, daycare centers and local clubs, compiling 20 tons(!) of waste for disposal!

Citizens for Münster

With its annual Citizen’s Prize, the ‘Bürger für Münster’ foundation wanted to focus special emphasis on the public awareness of the voluntarily work commitment of Münster’s residents and inspire others to follow.  In 2007, the prize was awarded to environmentally-related activities in honor of the Entente Florale 2007 in order to direct public attention to this important topic. The prize was endowed with EUR 10,000.

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