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Münster is the most liveable city world-wide!

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Office for green spaces and environmental protection

Press and Information Office

Office for Urban Development, Urban Planning, Transport Planning

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Online editorial staff in the Press and Information Office


Elke Frauns, Büro Frauns

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Landa Designer

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Stadt Münster (Münster city council)
48127 Münster
Tel: 02 51/ 4 92-0
Fax: 02 51/ 4 92-77 00
E-mail: stadtverwaltung@stadt-muenster.de
Web: www.muenster.de/stadt
Münster city council is a public body.
Its representative is the Mayor, Dr. Berthold Tillmann.

Editorial responsibility:

Press and Information Office
48127 Münster
Responsibility under German media services law (§ 6 MDStV): Joachim Schiek


Online editorial staff in the Press and Information Office
- Eva Emskötter
- Claudia Pankau
E-mail: online-redaktion@stadt-muenster.de

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