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Münster is the most liveable city world-wide!

Why Münster?

Planning the future

Contented faces at the completion of the integrated city planning and marketing process
(Source: Office for Urban Development, Urban Planning, Transport Planning, Münster City Council)

"Quo vadis Münster?" The city and the people who live in Münster have found clear answers to this question: the "Integrated urban development and city marketing concept of Münster". More than 1,000 participants consisting of citizens, politicians, people from the fields of administration, art and culture, industry, the academic sector and education, trade, sports and leisure, the nature conservation and the environment sectors and also from the social sectors have carried out a systematic debate about the future in more than 25 events over a period of two years. Münster has entered into an "Undertaking for the future" in conjunction with its citizens. It forms the point of reference and the standard for all future actions by the city council.

The most important result of this process is the fact that Münster must neither be reinvented, nor must it strive to achieve a radical change of image despite all the options of transition. The objective is the further development of its strengths using a good eye – a balanced city worth living in and worth loving. The process has led to the renewed ascertainment and confirmation of Münster’s qualities: the special quality of life and the characteristic educational and academic landscape. This profile has been fleshed out by means of guiding and impulse projects.

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