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Münster is the most liveable city world-wide!

Why Münster?

Integrating people

Münster affords its citizens many opportunities to get involved in what is happening in the city. In town planning, in particular, the opportunities for involvement go well beyond what is required by law.
(Source: Office for Urban Development, Urban Planning, Transport Planning, Münster City Council)

In surveys the people of Münster regularly praise the high quality of life in their home town, the fact the city is so green and the natural landscape and environmental conditions. Praise, that the citizens owe themselves to an extent, as Münster has only achieved, retained and further developed this high standard of living by means of the active participation of the people of this city. The city administration and the citizens have a reliable partnership. It is a form of interaction that goes far beyond the statutorily stipulated forms of participation. The city administration and the politicians support and promote this commitment on the part of the citizens and view investments in dialogue with the citizens as a sustained investment in the future.

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