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Münster is the most liveable city world-wide!

Why Münster?

Structuring the historical heritage

Altstadt – the new city

Die Stadtbücherei Münster (Münster Public Library) is one of the country's leading libraries with over one million visitors a year.
(Source: Joachim Busch)

The structural transition in the trade and services sector that began in the 1990s placed new demands upon the city centre. The unmistakable, historical Altstadt evolved, based on the Altstadt framework plan and whilst considering the protection of historical monuments, to become a modern city – and it has retained its identity. Thus the heart of the city has been characterised by functional diversity: the Altstadt is the central market and trading place, a melting pot of art and culture, the meeting place and place of residence for the people of Münster. Spaces are used to position new offers, without turning the Altstadt into a "concrete jungle".

The world's only museum for lacquer art - established by BASF Coatings AG, Münster - houses an extensive collection of lacquer art from the Far East, Europe and the Islamic world. The museum's home in this neoclassical mansion built in 1914 and situated in the centre of Münster is particularly charming.
(Source: Press Office, Münster City Council)

Modern buildings such as the new city library, have been magnificently integrated in terms of their design within this historical context. The large city squares and green spaces were renewed and provided with additional offers (playgrounds, outdoor catering establishments etc.), historical structure is reused – thus the Picasso Museum and the Museum für Lackkunst (Museum of lacquer art) can be found in former noble courts.

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