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Münster is the most liveable city world-wide!

Why Münster?

Structuring the historical heritage

City extension: 1960s

The Hamannplatz in Coerde: after 30 years, the ageing centre of the once "new" district is now being completely redeveloped. (Source: Office for Green Spaces and Environmental Protection, Münster City Council)

The unmistakable central cityscape finds its counterpart in the harmonious embedding of the city within the park landscape of Münsterland that has historically evolved. City extensions since the 1960s were thus always carried out whilst bearing in mind this quality with the clear division between the city centre, the city districts and the open countryside.

Münster attached particular importance to the fact that the green corridor of the Aatal, which extends from the south west to the Altstadt, should be embellished. The Aasee was already constructed here following the First World War as the moist subsoil did not permit the construction of houses. The Aatal fresh air lane has subsequently been developed into an attractive recreation area.

A culture of city construction is now maintained in Münster, which means an undertaking is made to provide the best possible quality in order to retain the unmistakable cityscape. The city council is constantly striving – in conjunction with professionals and citizens – to achieve good urban planning and architectural solutions. The setting up of an "Advisory Council for urban planning" as well as more than 200 urban development competitions since the 1960s are proof of the careful interaction with our city and at the same time expression of a constant process of further development.

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