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Objectives of urban development

For decades, Münster's urban development has pursued the guidelines of environmental, social and economic compatibility. The resolution of the Local Agenda 21 in June 1999 once again contains a declaration regarding the target of sustainable development. In agreement with the Rio-document Agenda 21, the Town Council and Administration understand this as a development of the town of Münster which will, from the local, regional and global point of view, in the long-term be viable ecologically, economically and socially, also with a view to gender equality.

Converting the aim of sustainable development into the spatial development of Münster results from the functional concept of space on the development of settlement area and the area utilisation plan for Münster 2010 prepared in draft form. The draft of the area utilisation plan formulates the following aims for Münster:
Roundabout the Aasee
  • unmistakable city in a green space, worth living in
  • attractive living location
  • future-orientated economic location
  • efficient supply centre
  • important educational and cultural centre
  • recognized research and scientific centre
  • partner of a cooperative regional overall development

In view of the increasing European competition between the towns and regions, the location politics for Münster as a regional capital are gaining in significance. The criteria of sustainability, social compatibility and balance in the town are of great importance for the fixed basic location-political pointers

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