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21 strategies in 5 fields of activity

The basis for cooperation between the Federation represented by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Housing, and the pilot cities is a strategy catalogue which combines urban development strategies, indicators and measuring methods, and "quality agreements" which are concluded between the partners.
The common goal is to take steps to turn the sustainable city into reality by implementing these strategies and, in doing so, to illustrate the progress being made towards achieving this goal.

  • Economical land management
    • Reduction of the increase in developed settlement area
    • Re-use of derelict sites and vacant buildings
    • Optimum use of urban densities
    • Conservation an networking of open space important for climatic purposes
    • Reduction of sealed ground surfaces

  • Precautionary environmental protection
    • Energy conservation and expansion of the share of renewable energy sources
    • Reduction of air pollution and greenhouse gases
    • Protection an management of ground water and local water resources
    • Strengthening substance cycles and reducing the volume of residual waste

  • Mobility regulation compatible with urban functions
    • Ensuring accessibility to housing areas and places of employment by local public transport
    • Reduction of the land requirements for motorized private transport
    • Extension of cycle route networks
    • Enhancing the attractiveness of urban areas for pedestrians

  • Socially responsible housing provision
    • Resource-conserving, cost-reducing housing construction
    • Provision of housing for people with special housing needs
    • Promotion of neighbourhood self-help
    • Ensuring basic provision with services within easy reach of the home

  • Enabling environment for the local economy
    • Securing inner-city economic locations
    • Creating employment compatible with the functions of housing areas
    • Strengthening and developing inner-city centres
    • Targeted locational promotion of businesses with low environmental impacts

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