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Field of activity: "Economy":

Market Research and Feasibility Study on "Area Saving in Commercial Buildings"
City: Münster
Field of activity: Enabling Environment for the Local Economy
Project description:

This project is intended to bring together interests regarding the economicalness of land management and location-securing economic promotion by compiling a concept for area saving in commercial buildings which allows sufficient flexibility. This should consequently support the possibly diverging objectives of high area utilisation, on the one hand, and economic demands for flexibility, expansion and business management, on the other.
The types of building to be developed should in principle also be able to accommodate businesses in a limited amount of space and different in structure, thereby promoting good relationships with other users. In doing so, the concepts regarding the "market value of terraced-house-types of commercial buildings" are of particular, although not exclusive, interest. In this context, market value means that the developed concepts allow things to be sold to the separate users as well as to the hiring and leasing schemes.
The results of the research will be implemented within the framework of the development of an immovable property at the Technology Park in Münster.
Current status: This project was begun in 1998. The interim report was presented at the end of May 1999. Based on a users' survey from the Technology Park in Münster on the acceptance of, and the requirements for space-saving commercial buildings as well as the analysis of several examples from other towns, this report shows the fundamental framework for such a pilot project and the requirements regarding detailed planning for Münster.
This was supplemented by a round of discussions attended by experts in April 1999 during which the initial drafts were discussed and feedback obtained. The drafts were revised on the basis of this meeting and again put up for discussion with groups of experts.
The concluding report with the final drafts and the stipulation of the framework for implementing the concept was presented in October 1999.
Contact: Günter Klemm, tel. +49-251-68642-90, Wirtschaftsförderung Münster GmbH (Office for Economic Promotion)
Contractors: Office Baumgart/Pahl-Weber, Hamburg; Architect's Office Siemonsen, Hamburg
Duration: 1998 - 1999
Additional information: View ground plan and isometrics (65 kB, only German version available)
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