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Field of activity: "Mobility":

Acceptability Analysis of the Car-Sharing Offer
City: Münster
Field of activity: Mobility Regulation Compatible with Urban Functions
Project description:

Stadtteilauto The strengthening and development of public transport offers which are suitable to the town and reduce the consumption of area within the MIV (strategy M2), is connected to the acceptability analysis of the car-sharing offer. This offer has been in existence since 1992 and has steadily gained new consumers. At present, over 50 cars are being offered at 24 different locations.
With marketing measures which have been derived from the acceptability analysis, new members are being approached and the possibilities for existing members further developed. Taking this into consideration, new motives for using car-sharing (leisure and holiday transportation) are being considered and analysed. In addition to this, the degree of how well known the offers are can be increased and developed in areas in which there was, up to now, an inadequate offer in that part of the town.
The results of the acceptability analysis underline the high percentage of private customers in car-sharing and the under-developed market of institutional participants. Also the small number of under 25s and over 50s utilising the service is noticeable; more attention has to be paid to their special needs. Particularly households with children utilise the service intensively. The main reason for participating in car-sharing is the inconsiderable amount of driving done personally. The environmental aspect is only secondary. Using car-sharing vehicles for the journey to work and on holiday are reasons seldom given by the participants. The results showing that the car-sharing participants also use the environmental association, are important for connecting this to the other mobility projects. This confirms the strategy followed in Münster up till now of placing the car-sharing stations at or near the connecting points of the environmental association. The possibility of supportive measures for car-sharing by changing federal law (StVO), a heading here would be the equality with the taxi trade, and the possibility of parking spaces in residential parking zones have not yet been fully exploited.
Current status: This project was completed at the beginning of 1999.
Interactivity: Support for the other two mobility-based modules Acceptability supporting measures of central public transport changing point Main Station/ Bicycle Station "Berliner Platz" and Acceptability analysis of the mobility headquarters "mobilé".
Contact: Beate Baumeister, tel. +49-251-492-6153, Office of Town Planning
Contractors: plan-lokal Bros., Dortmund
Duration: 1998 - 2000
Additional Information: www.stadtteilauto.com
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