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Field of activity: "Mobility":

Acceptability analysis of the mobility headquarters "mobilé"
City: Münster
Field of activity: Mobility Regulation Compatible with Urban Functions
Project description:

The service headquarters for intelligent choice of transport modes in the centre of Münster, has been informing and counselling independently on "mobility and transportation" regardless of the means of transport since March 1998. Urban and regional information as well as nationwide information and details on using different modes of transport (railway, bus, car, bicycle) are clustered here in order to offer the citizens, as transport consumers, a complete service by providing the relevant information as well as the option of purchasing a bus or train ticket. The objective is, amongst others, to influence the choice of transport in favour of environmentally friendly modes by comprehensive and central information on all means of transport and the possibility of connecting them.
The concomitant research on the perception of the service headquarters serves to optimise and, if necessary, to expand the services and to derive measures to improve mobilé's acceptance. A survey showed that in addition to the central downtown position an the personalized customer services first of all the bundled spectrum of proposals was evaluated as favourable. The word of mouth advertising as well as advertisements and reports in the local press added substantially to its proliferation. In one and a half years, 50,000 customer inquiries were registered at the offices. Despite this high demand, mobilé's offers and advisory service are not well known enough by those not utilising the services. These were the findings of a survey conducted with passers-by. Generally the mobility headquarters "mobilé" is associated largely with advisory services for public transport. The competence of the facility is presumed to lie with this sector. The mobility headquarters represent an important, personal point of contact to the public transport system, which is borne out by the great importance attached not only to information and sales but also to the collection and forwarding of complaints. The advisory service has achieved a change of transport from car predominantly to public transport for approx. 8% of the customers.
Current status: The final report on the utilisation survey of mobilé and non-participants (passers-by) has been completed.
Interactivity: The advisory service can be particularly useful in supporting the questions and the effects of the other two mobility-based modules Acceptability supporting measures of central public transport changing point Main Station/ Bicycle Station "Berliner Platz" and Acceptability analysis of the car-sharing off.
Contact: Dr. Helga Kreft-Kettermann, tel. +49-251-492-6170, Office for Town Planning
Contractors: ILS, Institute for Provincial and Town Development Research of the Province NRW, Dortmund
Duration: 1999 - 2000
Additional Information: www.muenster.de/mobile
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