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Field of activity: "Mobility":

Acceptability Supporting Measures of Central Public Transport Interchanging point Main Station/Bicycle Station Berliner Platz
City: Münster
Field of activity: Mobility Regulation Compatible with Urban Functions
Project description:
Bicycle Station, entrance
Bicycle Station
Inside View of the Bicycle Station
Acceptability supporting measures for the cycle station (byke parking station) at the main station supports the measures of environment friendly transport, an objective of prime importance in Münster's transport development plan. The main station is a focal point for public transport. The potential for transport interchange are going to be strengthened at this point. One of the objectives is to increase the the amount of bicycles used when changing modes of transport, particularly among commuters. In the immediate vicinity of the bicycle parking station, the implementation of other means of environment friendly transport will be made more attractive by renovating the station's forecourt (rearrangement of the bus stops and improving the waiting rooms for pedestrians).
The bicycle parking station was opened in June 1999. The concept for acceptibility supporting measures also contained suggestions for the periods prior and after the opening.
Prior to the opening, the project was extensively portrayed in a brochure for the citizens and those with a special interest in the topic. This was supplemented by a web site on the bicycle parking station. Public relations led to the station being widely accepted by the potential users even before the opening. Due to advertising and communicative political measures but also the outer appearance of the bicycle station itself, more than 80% of the parking facilities are occupied just one year after opening. Among other matters, the general public is discussing an optimisation of opening times at present. The second phase of the project consider the conditions of usage and acceptance since the opening of the bicycle parking station and its surroundings.
On the basis of the exemplary impact an "Initiative Berliner Platz" was established which is targeted at the marketing and facelifting of the railway station's surroundings. This initiative has meanwhile presented indepent proposals.
Current status: The final report for the second phase has been completed. The City Council is planning to make further recommendations to the builders and management.
Interactivity: Acceptability analysis of the mobility headquarters "mobilé"
Acceptability analysis of the car-sharing off
Contact: Andreas Thiel, tel. +49-251-492-6180, Office of Town Planning
Contractors: Blomeyer & Milzkott, Association for Public Relations in Town Planning, Berlin; highstandArt, Office for Communication and Design, Münster
Duration: 1998 - 2000
Additional Information: www.muenster.de/stadt/radstation/index.html
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