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Field of activity: "Housing":

Research Accompanying Modernisation of the Building "Am Breul"
City: Münster
Field of activity: Socially Responsible Provision of Housing
Project description:

Before Modernisation...
During Modernisation...
...After Modernisation
breul The social responsibility for providing housing, an environmentally suitable modernisation and a resource protecting management of reserves, forms the essential basis of sustainable development.
With the project Breul 32 - 36 and 38, which has been completed in the meantime, the city of Münster intends to connect several objectives for sustainable urban development:
  • to preserve inexpensive living quarters in the city centre and
  • by a contemporary up-dating of the buildings (renovation of the remains of the building, newly installing the complete technical apparatus)
  • concepts for the intelligent and flexible use of living area (adapting the ground plan from the previous century to today's requirements
  • high ecological quality (comprehensive thermal protection, use of rain water, installation of a small block heating and generating plant)
  • in close cooperation with all the participants, especially the inhabitants who registered an association for the preservation of inexpensive housing before the beginning of the measures.
  • completion at reasonable costs (extensive participants' self-help in building matters).
The tenants returned to their modernised homes from their provisional quarters in 1998/99.
The accompanying research had as its objective to document the findings of the modernisation with particular consideration of the involvement of the tenants and, consequently, to make the findings useful for other projects. After the modernisation has been completed, the main point of interest are the participants' self administration and the practical experience gained with the smallest block heating and generating plant.
Current status: The final report on accompanying research has been completed and a workshop "Housing Modernisation Breul - Experience and Conclusions" is in process. The final report for the sector "Test Phase of the BKHW - Works" has likewise been completed.
The process of modernisation was awarded a prize by the state parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia in the competition "Putting Sustainable Town Development Projects into Action".
Contact: Dr. Thomas Hauff, tel. +49-251-492-6135, Office of Twon Planning
Christoph Ameling, tel. +49-251-492-2321, Office for Real Estate
Contractors: Office for Architecture and Urban Re-Development (BASTA) and Planning Group STADTBÜRO, Dortmund
Duration: 1998 - 1999
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