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Field of activity: "Environment":

Advisory Service: "Resource Preservation in Urban Development"
City: Münster
Field of activity: Precautionary Environmental Protection
Project description:

grün gegen grau/green anti grey
In this project, the de-sealing of the ground in public and private areas in densely populated living areas will be the main objective of the urban environmental advisory service. This will mainly mean integrating strategy B5 "Reduction of Ground Sealing Measures" into the pilot project and supporting the complete urban working plan. At the same time, an area is affected in which urban counselling and sponsoring measures have only been successful to a limited extent.
The first step was the compilation of a concept which will serve as a basis for applying a counselling module in the year 2000. With the assistance of a network of participants and partners dealing with de-sealing (e.g. large sealers like the local government, house building corporations, businesses and small sealers such as private builders), the degree of familiarity on the subject of de-sealing can be improved and its importance for sustainable urban development in Münster can be brought across to the potential de-sealers. The step "From Environmental Consciousness to Environmental Action" will follow by means of a public campaign and targetted activities.
Current status: The concept for the advisory service is available.
Interactivity: Ground Water Monitoring in Housing Estate Planning
Contact: Achim Specht, tel. +49-251-492-6760, Office of the Environment
Contractors: Blomeyer and Milzkott, Association for Public Relations in Town Planning, Berlin
Duration: 1999 - 2000
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