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Field of activity: "Environment":

Development and Construction of an Emission Register
City: Münster
Field of activity: Precautionary Environmental Protection
Project description:

The objective in creating an emission register is to create more transparency regarding the cause and the emission of air pollutants for planning processes and to make use of these urban operational contexts. By doing so, assistance in the decision-making process for further measures of reducing emission will be given and its effects monitored.
Due to the complexity of the different projected components and assumptions for the cause of air pollutants, 5 emitting groups and 8 air pollutant groups were concentrated on. Beginning with the source of emissions, a databank was built up which was integrated into the GIS software used by the local council. The register makes data available for all or separate pollutants, resp., emitted results in the chosen basic unit of 1 km². The emission data can be shown via a model scenario for the future as well as for the past. The composition of a register has predominantly confirmed the quality of the data from the implemented basis and calculations of the emissions (amongst others a thermal atlas of the municipal council, town energy and climate data). The data used to date vary greatly from the CO and CO2 emission from traffic.
An emission register and the necessary software can be compiled in the relevant groups for industry and house fires/small businesses with a justifiable amount of work being taken over by the other communities. Determining the emission from traffic in a register necessitates a traffic project or an available area traffic numerating system for the relevant commune. The data banks connected to the register can be continued independently in and by the communities themselves.
Current status: The concluding report of the project and the register of emissions are available.
Contact: Birgit Wildt, tel. +49-251-492-6703, Ralf Besler, tel. +49-251-492-6798, Office of the Environment
Contractors: Institute for Environmental System Research, Prof. Dr. de Lange/Prof. Dr. Matthies, University of Osnabrück
Duration: 1998 - 1999
Additional information: Concept of the emission register Münster (85 kb, only German version available)
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