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Field of activity: "Environment":

Renovation of Old Buildings According to Low-Energy House Standards
City: Münster
Field of activity: Precautionary Environmental Protection
Project description:
This pilot project has two main objectives: one is to carry out the renovation of historic buildings accomplishing a low-energy standard for the particular object. The other objective is to communicate the benefits, experiences and chances of such a renovation project, particularly for private owners or builders, as the central groups in question.

before modernisation

after modernisation
Houses for one, resp. two, families built after the Second World War were taken into consideration as potential buildings for renovation. The focal point of the project was not to reproduce the well known type of low-energy house technology, but their target group specific application for private owners, craftsmen, housing associations, architects etc. The owners and tenants of dwellings erected from the end of the 1950's to the beginning of the 1970's will be integrated in the communication concepts. This will include those buildings which need renovating, particularly as far as the insulation and heating is concerned. This was one of the reasons for choosing the building in the "Stadtgraben" as an object for renovation. The building is centrally situated in the city and in the direct vicinity of a school, providing a good choice for supporting the multiplication oriented objectives of this project. The central question of refurbishment was how to modernise a house with an existing facade of bricks which have to be preserved because of the preservation by-laws for the historic centre.
The low-energy-house-standard was roughly achieved even though finally only the west facade could be refurbished. The following elements were part of the realized refurbishment which was terminated at the end of 1993: the heating installation, the air ventilation, the ceilings of the cellar and the first floor, the walls of the staircare and the installation of a solar system.
In spring 2000 several transfer workshopshave been carried out.
Current status: The project is terminated, a final report is available.
Contact: Birgit Wildt, tel. +49-251-492-6703, Office of the Environment
Contractors: Institute for Low-Energy Bros., Detmold; Architect Grahl, Münster
Duration: 1998 - 2000
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