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Field of activity: "Land":

Strategies in Inter-Municipal Housing Area Cooperation/Regional Housing Market
City: Münster
Field of activity: Economical Land Management
Project description:
Photos: Examples for diverse house construction styles
A sustainable housing development can not come to a halt at the town borders. The module project I.5 therefore sought for inter-municipal agreements on the housing concepts of the City of Münster. In doing this, trends and guidelines of housing development were established and, suggestions were made for economical use of the land assigned for new housing. Suggestions were likewise made for the further development of the housing sector based on sustainability and documented by best practices from the region.
After delimiting Münster's housing market region, the development trends up to now were analysed and guidelines laid down in dialogue with the most important actors involved. The statistical analysis confirmed that a market for rented flats in the suburban communities was developing and the average size of plots for new housing was continually decreasing.
In four communities, which are representative for the inner ring (Drensteinfurt, Greven, Laer and Nottuln), the practice and policy of housing land development were investigated and assessed in detail according to the criteria of sustainable urban development in coordination with the communities. The criteria were gleaned with special reference to suburban areas.

The potential and operational scope for economical land management were documented using ten "best practices" from the urban region. The findings show a wide range of strategies for suppressing property prices and controlling the development of settlements by communal building land management and for moving in the direction of area-saving building development and ecological house construction. The readiness for a regional division of labour in urban development is still under-developed but an interest in a better exchange of information has already been articulated.
Current status: The project is terminated and the final report is now available.
The recommondations which were developed during the process now are adressed and will be put into practice as much as possible. Momentarily the installation of a regional housing market monitoring system is being discussed.
Interactivity: Prerequisites of Municipal Cooperation in the Münster Region
Contact: Reinhard Hopp, tel. +49-251-492-6117,
Dr. Thomas Hauff, tel. +49-251-492-6135, Office of Town Planning
Contractors: Prof. Dr. Volker Kreibich and plan-lokal, Dortmund
Duration: 1998 - 2000
Additional information: Map of the region (90 kB, only German version available)
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