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Field of activity: "Land":

Prerequisites of Municipal Cooperation in the Münster Region
City: Münster
Field of activity: Economical Land Management
Project description:

The scope of action for sustainable town development is not only determined by decisions and strategies made locally but also by the development strategies of the neighbouring councils. If the core city in the region restricts the priority for new housing land development, there is a risk that the neighbouring communes will react to the increased peri-urban migration by releasing land generously and offering "alternative sites". By this procedure, sub-urbanization processes can be intensified. Considering this background, the central questions for this pilot project remain:
  • What comprises the "value" generated by inter-municipal cooperation?
  • How can joint decision-making processes in the region be achieved?
  • What does "sustainable development" mean according to the standards set in the urban region of Münster?
This pilot project has confirmed the experiences made in similar cases and completed three phases:
  1. preparatory steps (meetings with representatives of the municipal government, the suburban communities and the counties, appointment of a neutral moderator).
  2. organising an exchange of mutual interests to localise common ground (three workshops on "trade, housing and the municipal region");
  3. independence and handing over (agreement on further meetings regarding commercial areas and on joint migration surveys.)

At the regional level, intensive links and the growing significance as a "joint location" are the reasons which make cooperation so interesting. The most important item of exchange is information; mutual respect is of basic importance to overcome reservations.
Current status: The project is terminated and the final report available.
The structures of cooperation which were established during the process to be proved robust even though there were replacements among the participating mayors. The project managed to establish reliable working relations between the communes.
Interactivity: Strategies in inter-municipal housing area cooperation/regional housing market
Contact: Reinhard Hopp, tel. +49-251-492-6117,
Dr. Thomas Hauff, tel. +49-251-492-6135, Office of Town Planning
Contractors: Ursula Stein, Office for Regional Planning and Communication Frankfurt am Main
Duration: 1998 - 1999
Additional information: Graphik "Der Arbeitsprozess" ( "The Working Process", only German version available)
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