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Field of activity: "Land":

Potential and Strategies for Sustained Housing Density
City: Münster
Field of activity: Economical Land Management
Project description:

In the operational programme of 1997, Münster's city council decided on the guidelines of "interior and exterior development" which are also part of the agreement regarding quality. In assessing the potential for "sustained modern living", an important prerequisite for transforming this course of action has been created. This potential is already being considered when living areas are certified in the zoning plans. The project takes the following strategies of the field of action into consideration: the reduction of growth in densely settled areas, the re-utilisation of urban fallow ground and empty buildings and optimizing the use of planned urban density.

Exemplary design for increased density
Exemplary design for increased density

The method of action is dialogue orientated in cooperation with a workshop comprising local groups of citizens and a group of experts from the local administration. It is divided into the following constituents:
  1. Creating a workshop comprising local groups
  2. Defining locations: housing building areas, mixed areas
  3. Defining settlement structure types: 12 types depending on building and recreational structure
  4. Defining and mapping promotional elements and competing usage.
  5. Ascertaining reference projects for the assessment of potential and successful application.
  6. Appraising the quantity of potential in a potential corridor.
  7. Project study in suitable areas: analysis planning law, urban project, building studies.
  8. Inquiry at building contractors: stability and experience.
  9. Strategy development: building land mobility, quality security, infra-structural capacity. Changing the guidelines
  10. Recommendations and documentation.
Current status: The project is terminated, the final report now is available.
Interactivity: Increasing the attractiveness and supporting the way urban areas function
Density Potential for Existing Commercial Areas
Contact: Reinhard Hopp, tel. +49-251-492-6117,
Annemarie Harjans, tel. +49-251-492-6119, Office of Town Planning
Contractors: Baumgart, Pahl-Weber, Hamburg in cooperation with B. Siemonsen, Hamburg, and DIGERUS, T. Fiebig, Münster
Duration: 1998 - 2000
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