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Field of activity: "Land":

Increasing the Attractiveness and Supporting the Functionality of Urban Neighborhood Centres>
City: Münster
Field of activity: Economical Land Management
Project description:
Centre of Roxel
The project is intended to demonstrate the possibilities and strategies for functionally strengthening the 18 urban centres of Münster. It contributes to portraying the concept of the "centre-orientated city of short distances".
According to the concept of this project the strenghtening of urban centres requires that the needs of the citizens living in these areas as well as their spatial activity patterns are considered.
In the first part of the project both the setting features and determinants of the services in the areas were analized. Suitable indicators (e.g. the strenght of the urban area cenres and their user potential) were developed for an evaluation. This analysis did not reveal any serious mismatches among the centres but the need to improve their social usability as well as the demand determinants.
Result of phasis 1 were guiding principles and suggestions for actions regarding the functional strenghtening of the individual neighborhood centres. Considering specific demand structures as well as the presentation of these centres as places for the comminity are considered as sucessfull planning strategies.

Centre of Roxel

The main point of the second phase was to develop marketing-oriented strategies to transact the identified arrangements. It was analized how far basic approaches of business marketing can be transfered to the planning-political task "strenghtening of urban centres".
Several instruments and modules as a matter of course play a role in neighborhood spatial planning but aren't yet integrated in a holistic concept. The original intention to initiate a marketing process with the local actors could not be realised due to different not resolvable problems within the operating time of the project. As an example a marketing concept for one urban area centre was worked out. Practical experience in marketing urban area centres is still lacking but the project could snsitise and supply the essential working tools for this objective.

Meesenstiege Shopping Centre

Current status: The project was terminated in August 2000. The interim and the final report are availabe.
Interactivity: Potential and strategies for sustained housing density.
Contact: Reinhard Hopp, tel. +49-251-492-6117,
Klaus Uplawski, tel. +49-251-492-6115, Office of Town Planning
Contractors: Junker Kruse Urban Research/Town Planning, Dortmund
Duration: 1998 - 2000
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