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Field of activity: "Land":

Density Potentials for Commercial Areas
City: Münster
Field of activity: Economical Land Management
Project description:

The aim of the project is to establish the unused, under-used and mis-used areas in existing commercial developments, to examine the possibilities of utilising this potential and to develop related strategies. Therewith this approach served to survey the potential for commercial inner-city development, which has been neglected so far. These land reserves should be used to meet the future demand for land for commercial, resp. to reduce land related commercial mobility.
In the first part of the project, a complete survey of the land reserves in existing commercial areas of Münster has been conducted. In the second part, strategies to use these areas have been developed from the results of the empirical research and, as far as possible, exemplary concepts for their implementation have been developed.
The survey of the comprehensive commercial areas in Münster revealed approx. 67 ha. of unused, under-used and mis-used land reserves. Thereof approx. 25 ha. are already included in the offers for economic promotion. The areas which can activated whithout restrictions are composed mainly of unused plots 8in all approx. 10 ha.) and unused areas in private property (approx. 14 ha.).
In a second step, the potential was analysed in detail. However, taking the former efforts concerning the mobilisation of land reserves into consideration, the City of Münster has only limited possibilities of action. Unused plots of land have already been offered by teh City of Münster to the public by means of a property market. There are also other parties involved and taking an active role in marketing such property, e.g. the Sparkasse (the Savings Bank of Münster). A lot of time and work is required in order to activate unused areas (as well as unused and no longer needed reserve areas) of private property. Many of the owners are not interested in selling their property, and others do not agree with the development politics of the local council or have their own objectives.
In spite of the restricted potentialities for a widespread politics of mobilisation it were given a set of proposals for appointed measures, e.g.: the expansion of the property market which is operated by the Dept. of Economic Promotion, the installation of a municipal "land-fund" to mobilize unused plots of land as well as the improved registration and data protection.
This recommendations will be picked-up and followed-up by the urbban action program "Trade area" (Handlungsprogramm Gewerbeflächen).
Current status: The project was terminated in August 2000, the final report now is available.
Interactivity: Potential and strategies for housing density.
Prerequisites of municipal cooperation in the Münster region.
Contact: Reinhard Hopp, tel. +49-251-492-61 17, Office of Town Planning
Contractors: Office for Commercial Planning and Town Development, Dortmund
Duration: 1998 - 2000

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