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Cities of the future

Münster receives important impulses in its search for ways and means for the city of tomorrow by its participation in the research project "Cities of the Future" of the Federal Ministry for Transport, Building and Housing. Within the framework of the "Innovation in Housing and Urban Development" programme, Münster, together with Heidelberg, Dessau and Güstrow was chosen to test future oriented strategies of sustainable urban development as a model city of the Federal Government. For the Federal Ministry for Transport, Building and Housing, the model project "Cities of the Future" represents an ambitious part of the activities following the Second Conference on Human Settlements, HABITAT II, representing an important contribution to the Agenda 21 (German) activities in the communities.
The formal basis for the model project is the "Quality Agreement" (German) for a "Cities of the Future" Alliance. The Quality Agreement was signed at the HABITAT II providing at the same time the starting signal for the model project.

Münster as a laboratory for urban development

It is the task of the model cities to test (in the interest of the Federal government) strategies for sustainable urban development and thus to demonstrate the way to a "City of the Future". The catalogue of strategies was named "21 strategies for the urban develpment in the 21st century". With 18 pilot projects, Münster will become a laboratory for urban development until the turn of the century. That is how the Federal Ministry for Transport, Building and Housing expects hints as to the future legislation as well as supporting programmes for housing and urban development.
Workshops and fora will also be organised to facilitate the exchange of experience with the model cities and the other European cities which take part in the research. The pilot projects of Münster and the other model cities together with the research project "Cities of the Future" were presented to a broader public at the world conference URBAN 21 in Berlin (4.- 7. July 2000).

Putting the strategies into practice with 18 pilot projects in 5 fields of activity:

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