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  I hope your self-made interface is working now. Below I have some links, three of them download links for the MS-DOS version of the UWATEC software and two of them for the Windows version. After unpacking the archives make sure that all files are non-write-protected. Otherwise you will get curious error messages. These Informations have been collected with the utmost accuracy, but no guarantee can be given on any of the information provided here. You can use any of the images or of the text given here, just give this site a link if you have got a homepage having to to with diving.


  -Aladin Links:

Diving Log 3.0 - Logbook software for scuba diving Nice windows software (shareware) with numerous In/Export-filters and usefull logbook features
Wlog is a comfortable (Windows-) replacement for Uwatec's DataTRAK. It has a download-feature using the interfaces shown on this site!
Here you can find specs of the communications between the Aladin and the PC and a logbook-tool for the PalmPilot!
Ruiz Scuba Dive Log for Palm OS Another Dive Log for Palm OS with support for Aladin-Computers (Shareware)
Aladin PPC Aladin-Software for Pocket PCs (German)
Windows CE-Software for Uwatec-divecomputers
With this Program you are able to read out your Aladin-Computer under Windows, using your DOS-Interface. (German, but an english version is available, too!)
Aqua DiveLog for Palm OS Open-source Palm OS aladin and suunto download utility
Aladin dive computer software for Linux Open-source Linux aladin download utility
Viewer for Uwatec *.log-files with nice graphics
Information and a PCB for SMD-build-interfaces!
DiveKingKongg Datatrak/Datatalk- Dos-Version
A logbook software for Aladin running under Linux/FreeBSD + Aladin-Software for the PalmPilot!
Dossier ALADIN Here you will find Software to download your Aladin using Windows and your selfmade-Interface (FREEWARE!)
Project Genie page Genie is a simple logging device, able to store data from diving computer, then send it to PC. It interfaces with Aladin® and compatible computers
Diving & Palm Pilot Links to other Palm-Pilot relating diving software
Version for MS Windows directly from UWATEC

  -Bonus Links:

Shematics for Suunto-computers
SUUNTO VYPER INTERFACE Shematic for Suunto-VYPER (should be work with Spyder and Cobra, as well)
Information & Software for a Psion 3c <-> Aladin-interface
All information to connect a Aladin divecomputer with a Psion handheld-computer
Detailed interface construction blueprints for Mares computers
Information, software and hardware for an Apple Newton <-> Aladin-interface
uk.rec.scuba - Homepage with many working links!