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FAQ (Frequently asked questions):
Q: After connecting my Aladin to the interface it automatically jumps into 'Diveplan-Mode' ?!
A: Make sure your serial port is working correctly, try to type mode com1: 19200,n,8,1 before starting datatalk.exe, use real DOS or 'Restart in MS-DOS-Mode', to avoid heat-damage to the IC use a socket!
Q: The transfer still isn't working with datatrak/dos?
A: Try a windows-based software like wlog instead.
Q: I'm using electrolytic capacitors for the interface #2. How is the polarity?
A: The one between DTR and GND have to be with '-' to GND the other one with '-' to RTS!
Q: Are you selling ready-build interfaces?
A: No, I don't have enough time for that!
Q: It is possible to build the Memomouse, as well?
A: It probably is, but the Memomouse contains RAM and a microprocessor and I don't know the shematic and/or the program for the µC! Look at the Project Genie page for more information!
Q: Can I use my Palm Pilot instead of a memomouse?
A: YES! ----->
Q: Isn't the interface the same as a Memomouse?
A: No, the Memomouse has built-in memory to store the dive-profiles from your Aladin when you are far away from the next PC (The Memomouse is great for holidays!)
Q: Do you sell a Memomouse or an Aladin?
A: No.
Q: The Windows-version of DataTRAK says it coudn't find a Memomouse! What's wrong?
A: Everything! Please, please use the interface shown on this page only with the DOS-Version of DataTRAK or with Wlog or ADLT or another THIRD-PARTY software!
Q: I have 'CRC-Error' while extracting your zip-archives, can you send me the software via email?
A: No, all ZIP-files are checked and can even be extracted with very old unzip-software!
Q: Are there any informations for non-uwatec computers?
A: Yes, for Mares Computers look at See links for more!