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  If your interface does not work, you have apparently done something wrong!
Perhaps you are simply doing the transfer the wong way
This is the right way:
1. Power on the Aladin
2. Plug the cables (red for the Base-contact, black for the - -contact)
3. Initiate transfer at your PC by pressing F5 in DATA Trak
4. Keep the cables plugged and activate logbook mode on your Aladin (dive 1 should be displayed)

  The same procedure is required with DATA Talk. When in SOS mode the Aladin automatically sends data every minute
-When running DATA Talk or DATA Trak under Windows in a DOS box, the serial port of your computer might not be accessible for the software run the software under genuine MS-DOS and retry
-Corrosion of the pins might lead to transfer problems -- keep the pins and the sockets of the Aladin clean
-If you constructed version 2 and it does not work, try out version 1 for test purposes and search for errors instead of directly assuming serial port problems on your PC.
-Make sure to use ONLY the MS-DOS version of the UWATEC software for transferring data!
-Some old Aladin models do not support the usage of a computer interface
-When your Aladin-computers hangs during the transmission and displays "ERR", you have to start Datatalk and activate the Aladin-computer with the "WAKE-UP"-button!!

   Runtime error 200??
   The DOS-Software from Uwatec will not run on a fast computer and terminates with a runtime error 200 at XXXX:XXXX. To update datatalk.exe and datatrak.exe open the files with a hex-editor and search for HEX F7 D0 F7 D2 B9 37 replace 37 with 7E or (for very fast computers) FF. It's much easier to use my program and unzip mpatch2.exe into your Datatrak-directory and execute mpatch2.exe datatrak.exe to update your datatrak.exe. Don't forget to update datatalk.exe, too!

For your gigahertz-PC you have to use the 'ct-patch ('ct: "ctbppat", you can find it here (Filename!). The program is in english.

   Startup-image missing?
On many new graphic-adapters, the startup-image won't be shown and/or the computer hangs. Instead of simply deleting the 2 BMPs you can use this second easy to use patch written by Patrick Linzer! It won't interference with mPatch and works great!