Back   Home   Up   Next is a PERL script to recursively replace multiple strings in multiple files. It has been written by Rainer Hillebrand.

The current version is 0.82, 2003-03-14.

You are free to download this version from this page: (4.32 KB).

It is being placed in the public domain. It may be used for commercial use only by prior arrangement with the author. It may not in any circumstances be resold to another party. You are free to make non-commercial use of the ideas and algorithms that this code represents as long as you do not merely re-phrase it or port it to another language. If you use any of the code from this program in another program, that resulting program must be placed under the GNU Copyleft or similar agreement and source code from that program must be made available to all who want it.

Last changes on 2003-03-16
© 1998-2003 Rainer Hillebrand

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