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Iswap: Instant Messenging and Filesharing

Download Windows 98 version (454 KB)
Download JAVA/LINUX version (370 KB)

Iswap is a Napster clone with some new features. It enables you to share every kind of files. You can easily search files in the network, for example MP3s. If you click on a file to download it you will receive it via email. Because of this the program works decentral. There are no more broken downloads. You will always have the speed of your email connection and there is no limit of simultanous downloads. The full capabilities of an instant messenger are integrated in Iswap. You can check which friends are online and chat with them. If the person you write a message to is not online the message will be displayed when the person goes online.

What is filesharing?
P2P (Peer to Peer) filesharing was first used by napster. People can share directories on their harddrives. Files in those directories can be downloaded by other users. This makes a lot of data accessebale for the users of a filesharing system. In the case of napster there are millions of people who share files with other users. The exchange of those files is normally organisated with one or more central servers. Iswap is a filesharing program of the new P2E (Peer to Email) generation. Parts of the exchange are done with email exchange. There is also a complete messenging community integrated in Iswap.

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