Astro Solutions has already released a lot of software Download Counter-Source (JAVA, Perl)

A counter that sends the number of vistors of your homepage to you via email every day.
How works this program?
The applet Astrostate.class is called from your website. The applet is not displayed. It opens a connection to the server script on the server. That script updates the counter. If it is more than 24 hours ago that an email was send it sends an email to you with the number of visitors.
If you want to create your own Emailcount server, look at the files,,

For all those who only want to have a hidden visitor counter:

Type in the following URL:

(instead of astro insert a nickname chosen by you, instead of type in you email address)
Insert the following code in your website:
(instead of astro insert a nickname chosen by you)

<applet codebase="" code="Astrostate.class" width=0 height=0> <param name="user" value="astro"> </applet>

Everytime the page is requested the counter is updated. If you want to see how many people already visited the site just type in the URL:

(instead of astro insert the nickname chosen by you)

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