XMLROM 6.4.2011

XMLROM creates .iso CD-ROM images from HyperFTP-XML files, which contain links and a folder structure. XMLROM downloads all links and creates the folder structure described in the XML-file. You can also use it for creating .iso images of folders and subfolders on your harddisk. These .iso files can be burned on CD-ROM with every good burning suite or ImgBurn, which is freeware. HyperFTP-XML is an easy language. Take a look at tmp.ini or read the introduction to HyperFTP. If you don't want to write HyperFTP-XML files, you can create HyperFTP-XML files with AstroFTP2.1 (download). Open the FTP folder, which will be the root folder of the CD-ROM. Select the files and folders, which will be contained in the image. Click "get HyperFTP-XML". Enter the URL, which belongs to the folder in which you selected the files. Select an output file. The created HyperFTP-XML file can be converted in a .iso CD-ROM image containing the files on the FTP-server with XMLROM. The example files createxml.php and createxml.htm demonstrate the method of creating different HyperFTP-XML files depending on user inputs: the user selects from a list of links and gets a HyperFTP-XML file, which describes a CD-ROM. The size of this program is only 23kb.