WLANCHIP 14.9.2010

WLANChip is 802.11 compatible to higher layers than the physical layer. Its use of the air interface is different. A real device would be much slower than 802.11n. Receiving 802.11n is really dirty. You have to make a good approximation of the starting point of every new subcarrier curve, reduce echos in the received data and get the fourier transformed. 802.11n uses the different noise characteristics of different antenna for accelerating.
Its clear, that you need a DSP for these tasks. Instead of using a DSP before the input arrives the WLANChip, it is more useful to make the calculations with XPRO32, which could get the data from an ADC.

WLANCHIP is a chip written and tested in the free AstroChip language. It is an access controller for Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs). WLANCHIP waits until a WLAN station begins to send and analizes, if the message is for the station it is connected to physical. The received messages are saved in a buffer and the register lastframeend is a pointer to the beginning of the next frame. The buffer contains the IEEE802.11 header and the ethernet frame. The transmitter is activated with the command register and waits until the medium has been free for some microseconds. Then it starts sending. In reality the cycle frequence was much higher in the module WTRANSMITTERB, because many bits must be transferred in one microsecond.