VDISKRS 1.1 4.10.2013

You can access the hard drives, cd-rom drives and usb-disks of your PC with your ATARI ST and a null modem, if you install this program.

Astro Solutions VDISKRS 1.101 (5.2.2015):

VDISKRS 1.1 crashed with every FTP folder, which was deeper than two stages from the root. This is fixed in Version 1.101! VDISKRS sometimes crashes if you start programs. This seems to be a randomly occuring error caused by bytes inserted or lost during the connection. Restarting the program can solve it. Using the internet with Draconis or WENSUITE (ATARI Browsers) in combination with VMODEM (http://www.muenster.de/~dambergj/vmodem.zip) is not possible because of compatibility reasons. But you can read the HTM files from old shareware and magazine CD-ROMS in combination with VDISKRS.

Other reasons for crashes are folders with tons of subfolders. They overload the virtual BIOS disk with directory infos. The memory occupied by one folder entry is quite large, because parameters were chosen to allow the maximal disk size of 4 MB (TOS 1.0 internal). 4 MB is the limit for the sum of all transferred files and infos for all opened directories. If you open one directory, entries for all subfolders are created. You can avoid this problem by using VDISKRS 1.0 without program start support or improve the folder structure on the PC (reduce the count of the folders in every folder showed during exploring the drive on the ATARI ST).

This program allows you to use the disk drives of your PC with your ATARI ST and a null modem cable as if they were drives of the ATARI. The first version wasn't able to allow starting programs on the remote drives, but the drives didn't have any limit. This is solved in this version. The program installed drive G for GEMDOS and not for the BIOS. This version adds read-only BIOS support, which is needed to start programs. If write-support was added, the disk size was limited. So full GEMDOS and read-only BIOS support makes sense. Disk formatting, fast-copy programs and other exceptional programs will receive a "write-protected" message. A virtual BIOS disk is build on the PC. If all clusters are used, VDISKRS will close with an error message. This won't be earlier than after half an hour of starting different programs from the disk.

You can access the hard drives, cd-rom drives and usb-disks of your PC with your ATARI ST and a null modem, if you install this program. If your PC has got an internet connection, you can also view FTP server and PHPSharing P2P filesharing search results as if they were folders on your ATARI.

Change the serial port name in comport.ini if it is not COM4. Copy VDRIVER.PRG to a disk drive AUTO folder, connect PC and ATARI with the null modem cable, start Com2TCP and then VDISKRS. The ATARI ST must be started before them if it is not a reset. You must install drive G with the TOS Desktop menu to use the drive.
Requirements: JRE (www.java.com, free), Visual Studio 2012 Runtimes (www.microsoft.com, free), null modem cable

Mit diesem Programm kann man die Verzeichnisse ihres PCs für den ATARI über ein Null-Modem Kabel verfügbar machen. Auch FTP-Server Inhalte und PHPSharing P2P Filesharing Suchergebnisse lassen sich als Verzeichnis auf dem ATARI einbinden. Weil Inhalte dort ausführbar sind, sind zwei Features für den ATARI ST verfügbar, die man bis Windows 8 auf dem PC vergeblich sucht.