VDISKRS 7.9.2013

4.10.2013: previous problem solved in VDISKRS1.1

26.9.2013: after some tests (HD/Floppy disk copying OK) it was found that the execution of programs on drive G doesn't work, because the ATARI TOS uses BIOS functions for process execution! If you copy the files to the HD/Floppy before there is no problem.

14.9.2013: some errors removed

You can access the hard drives, cd-rom drives and usb-disks of your PC with your ATARI ST and a null modem, if you install this program. If your PC has got an internet connection, you can also view FTP server and PHPSharing P2P filesharing search results as if they were folders on your ATARI.

Change the serial port name in comport.ini if it is not COM4. Copy VDRIVER.PRG to a disk drive AUTO folder, connect PC and ATARI with the null modem cable, start Com2TCP and then VDISKRS. The ATARI ST must be started before them if it is not a reset. You must install drive G with the TOS Desktop menu to use the drive.
Requirements: JRE (www.java.com, free), Visual Studio 2012 Runtimes (www.microsoft.com, free), null modem cable

Mit diesem Programm kann man die Verzeichnisse ihres PCs für den ATARI über ein Null-Modem Kabel verfügbar machen. Auch FTP-Server Inhalte und PHPSharing P2P Filesharing Suchergebnisse lassen sich als Verzeichnis auf dem ATARI einbinden. Weil Inhalte dort ausführbar sind, sind zwei Features für den ATARI ST verfügbar, die man bis Windows 8 auf dem PC vergeblich sucht.