PCIUSB 22.4.2011

This version of Astro Solutions USB3-HOSTCONTROLLER written in the free AstroChip language is for the PCI-bus. The data is sent to the USB3-buffer by performing PCI-memory-write and PCI-memory-read operations to one address. Run "java PCIBUS" to create the pci.txt source and add the PCIBUSrest.txt file with plain code by merging the content. The type of the content of pci.txt can be changed in PCIBUS.java, but you must recompile then. The createmem calls specify the length of the buffer memory. createpciinit requires two arrays of integers. If one integer is read during the PCI configuration, the value[key] data is returned. The buffer for the write output is processed automatically. read operations return the oldest word in the buffer.