P2PSTATION 27.8.2008

P2PStation is a PHP implementation of the AstroSearch F filesharing concept as far it was possible. Install a P2PStation service by copying files on your PHP space. Then the users can share files with each other in a network which is dynamically distributed over the net. The core technology is the following concept: if a user visits your site, a javascript is started which loads a small picture from the users computer over http port 921. If this does not fail, P2PStation is installed. The users instance of P2PStation reads the http-get information from the picture request, where the base URL of your server is hidden. Then the users instance sends its server list to your server and the serverlist of your server is transferred. There is no running version on the Astro Solutions webserver, because the legal situation is not clear. But you can use the program for private use or for small commercial networks.