OXCLONE3DMO 9.12.2010

This is a version of the marble game OXCLONE3D for JAVA phones. You need OpenGL ES, accelerometer sensor support and a fast CPU to test the freeware. If you want to test it on a PC, try the PC version (download) or install the JAVA ME Platform SDK, start an emulator with OpenGL and sensors (for example ClamShellClcdPhone1), run the JAD file in this archive. The accelerometer can be simulated with view->External Events Generator->Sensors. The marbe speed can be changed in the level load form of OXCLONE3DMO.
This program took seven days to write it. The reason was, that OpenGL ES 1.1 was not precise enough for the large scenes. The depth values were calculated on the CPU to solve the problem. Use the acceleromater, cursor keys and the keys 1, 2 and 3 to play the game.