MSOL16 15.4.2011

MSOL16 is a graphics acceleration chip, which can be integrated in XPRO32Cache. Insert it by connecting the output signals of MEMCON bigmem to MSOL16SOLVE20, MSOL16SOLVE12, MSOL16MULT20 and MSOL16MULT12 in sequence and the last ones' outputs to the signals the bigmem signals pointed to or test it without connection. The four chips jump their program counter to the value of the first input, load the next 12 or 20 halfwords and store 3 or 4 words as result. One result starts at one word. The next word is the address, where the next input waits or zero, if the thread is inactive. XPRO32Cache and MSOL16 work independently and use the same addresses. The start and the length of the MSOL16 memory can be changed with memstart and membits. Every thread has got its own memory. The initial values of those words can be changed in the modules S20MEMn, S12MEMn, M20MEMn, and M12MEMn. If you want true results, you must replace the DUMMY instances by SOLEON16Bit adders, subtracters, multipliers and dividers. The program is too slow for current personal computers then.