GroupLoadPHP allows you to use real user names and the features of GroupLoad Special 1.1. The ip addresses of the user names watched are added to the list of ip addresses watched. You can install this feature for research or for the automatical transfer of marked folders between two PCs you own.

1. Create the table ipn(uname,uip) with the PHPMyAdmin tool on your PHP webspace. uname and uip are VARCHAR with the length of 200.
2. Change MYSQL_USER, MYSQL_PASS and MYSQL_DATABASE in getip.php and setip.php so they fit to your settings. The database is the database, where the table ipn is located.
3. Copy the php files to your PHP webspace.
4. Enter the URL of the folder containing them in the dialog showed after the first start of GroupLoadPHP. If you already entered something and the dialog is not displayed, replace data.ini by data0.ini.

GroupLoadPHP is compatible to GroupLoad Special 1.1. The computation of the checksums of the files in the shared folder is much faster in GroupLoadPHP. User names created with GroupLoadPHP can't be converted to ip addresses in GroupLoad Special 1.1. The ip addresses must then be entered direct.