Dynamite is a dynablaster clone in JAVA. You drop bombs to destroy your enemies.
The included versions are DynamiteForTwo, Dynamite3DForTwo, Dynamite3DTexForTwo,
Dynamite3DTex (application), Dynamite3DTexPHP, DynamitePHP (application),
Dynamite3DPHP (application), Dynamite3DTexmo and Dynamite3DTexPHPmo.
The textured versions require JAVA 3D, the mobile versions require a smartphone with JAVA
and the PHP versions require a PHP webspace. sendpos.php and getpos.php
must be copied to the PHP webspace.
The mobile versions with 3D graphics exist in full and normal versions. The normal versions
display flat stones and load faster with the Sun Wireless Toolkit 2.5.2.
The speed is the same, but the normal version already loaded in more than 20 seconds.
The versions Dynamite (application,applet), Dynamite3D (application,applet),
Dynamite3DTex (applet), DynamitePHP (applet) and Dynamite3DPHP (applet),
Dynamitemo (j2me midlet), DynamitePHPmo (j2me midlet)
and DYNATARI (original,updated graphics) mono already existed.