BROWSERBASIC 2.03 2.3.2017

BrowserBasic 2.03 is a version of BrowserBasic 2.02.
It was changed and compiled with JAVA 1.1.8, because it should be compatible to JView.
JView is a tool for viewing JAVA applications and JAVA applets.
JView was included in Windows 98 and removed in Windows XP.
It was distributed free and could still be installed in Windows XP.
You can download it here. It is bundled with four games.
It must be bundled with other software, if you want to redistribute it.
The game MSHIFT wasn't runnable. This is also solved in version 2.03.
Because errors could be inserted, the old version of BrowserBasic (2.02) is still available.
The binary download of BrowserBasic 2.03 is a jar archive. The code file is L3DCompiler.class.
This file is a .htm file for it.
Unsigned JAVA applets must be added to an exception list in the control panel since
JAVA8 Update 20. All applets except the textured games
were recompiled on 2.3.2017 to allow the users of old computers to
view them online. The files are still compatible to JAVA8.