Faster scrolling implemented, errors concerning object selection were removed. Moving large Modules can take very long, but INVs, ANDs, ORs, NANDs, XORs and BITs can be moved fast.

Some small errors were removed in version 1.21. The medium sized chip SQUAREMEM (2X2 words memory) is viewable and scrolls alright. The compilation takes a long time. I don't want to test XPRO32. That may take a week. But most combinations of signals are in the tested chips so it is possible that it is viewable. If a chip visualization fails, please remove the files in the database folder. Then it may work.

version 1.2:
The only change in version 1.2 is that you can go back to the last plan state without unconnected signals by using ESC, if you can't insert an object in the plan anymore.

version 1.1:
This program generates visual plans from the descriptions contained in AstroChip files. AstroChip is a freeware language for developing and testing chips. The version 1.1 displays the same chips as version 1.0, but it is possible to save and load displayed integrated circuit plans, move objects like ANDs, ORs and modules in the frame and resize modules. So you can reduce the size of the unoptimized plans. Finding an optimal arrangement of the elements is impossible for large plans, because the algorithms for that task are very slow even for the fastest computers on earth. AstroChipLayoutDB1.1 does not allow moving the flipflops near the module input. All other objects can be moved. It is possible that an object selected for moving can't be layed down anywhere, because the object can't be connected anymore. The reason is that for connecting not every path is checked because of performance reasons and the path used the last time is also not found, because the order of the creation of the paths has changed so the situation is different. Version 1.2 allows you to restore the last connected configuration, so data losses are avoided. Use the ESC key to go back to the last plan state with connected signals. If something is changed in one module it is automatically changed in all modules of the same type. It took six days to extend the source from version 1.0 to version 1.1. Version 1.2 was a development, which was done in several hours. After entering the chip source and compiling the source the visual result is created after using the "view" button. Small chips appear immediately, big ones (more than 1MB source) take a long time. Use the console window for checking if there still is progress. If the chip is displayed you can move it with the cursor keys and get the file and move menu by clicking anywhere or on an object.