This version of the XPRO VGA gaming console defined in AstroChip with 31 compilable games and emulator reduces the amount of RAM needed to run the executables. The AstroChip RAM definition for small games was very large. So the screen buffer was removed and a VLOAD instruction for the VGA frame makes the picture drawn by the VGA controller work as a screen buffer. The 32-BIT color information for every pixel was replaced by a 4-BIT color information. So the VGA frame and the pictures in the games are smaller. The files stored in memory are not stored with one address per byte but with four bytes in one address. The result of 90% memory usage reduction is still not enough for game AstroChip simulation, but much more reduction is not possible. The XPROInterpreter simulation is nearly as fast as before. It took 7 days to make the changes in XPRO32, XPROBIOS, XPROAssembler and BROWSERBASIC XPRO. The XPROAssembler data area size parameters (3 and 5) are given in 4 bytes portions, the XPROInterpreter memory size parameters are given in bytes.