SOLEON and AstroChip 7.9.2006

IMPORTANT: copy the content of SOLEON.txt into the compiler window with control-v instead of using the load feature of AstroChip. Otherwise the action takes too long.

SOLEON is a graphics acceleration chip, which was written with AstroChip. The design was done on the level of PLAs and logical functions. This is the lowest level above the physical level. A module offers the operators ADDER, SUBTRACTER, MULT and DIV for floating-point operations, which calculate the results in one cycle. Dividing is nine times slower than adding. SOLEON is parallel scalable, if another logic is added. So for example 800X600 pixels may be calculated in one cycle. This is only the potential because the chip can only be small. The internal floating point format is (1,23,8) (IEEE754 standard). The not-normalized numbers are rounded to zero, which can cause small derivations for very small numbers. SOLEON is an OpenSource-application, which can be tested and changed. Commercial use requires a license from Astro Solutions. Demand is not expected because SOLEON was not written in VHDL.