Description - what the hell is a "Polivoks"?
A Polivoks is a duophonic analog synthesizer that was made in the USSR during the early 1980s.

A few of these great monsters are still around, for us all to enjoy. If you are travelling to eastern Europe, you might be able to pick one up at a pawn shop or some place similar.

It is very beautiful and only ways a few kilos (featherweight compared to its size). Of course everything is labelled in cyrillic, which does not add to the "ease of use"... If you can read that and know about synthesizers it becomes very intuitive however. The Polivoks has a switchable filter (lo-pass/hi-pass) and loopable ADSR ENVs for filter and amplifier. The filter is self oscillating and very evil-sounding. I wonder if this synth has ever been used by anybody in any type of a recording before...

(The following is a copy of the information I posted at "Synthsite"):

Synthesizer Specifications

  • Synthesizer Type : Synthesizer
  • Synthesis Type : Analog / subtractive
  • Polyphony :
    • Max : 2
    • Typical in use :
  • MultiTimbral : No
  • Oscillators per Voice :
    • Min : 0
    • Max : 2
  • Controllers : 1 Filter Pedal
  • Keyboard :
    • Number of Keys : 48
  • Inputs and Outputs :
    • Number of Audio Outs (excluding Phones) : 1 Mono
    • Number of Audio Ins : 1 Filter In
    • No MIDI
  • Upgrade Options : If you know of any options, Modifications, just anything, please contact

canine's Subjective Opinions

  • Brass : Medium
  • Bass : Excellent
  • Strings : Medium
  • Acoustic : Crap
  • Pads : Excellent
  • Percussion / Drums : Medium
  • Organ : Crap
  • Digital Synth : Crap
  • Analog Synth : Medium
  • Strange Noises : Excellent
Comments about the sounds :
I have trouble keeping mine in tune, however Vlad Severtsev suggested it might be a matter of twiddling with the knobs underneath the little plastic plate that says "Polivoks" and the logo on it.
It is so great for all kinds of sexy noises, buzzez, bleeps and stuff but not for straight notes.