Last Updated: 10 May 1998
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Leide and Ralph Bremer's Homepage
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I have moved to my new house, click here to see my old page about muenster
My Adress:   [Face]  Ralph Bremer
                   Am Vosskotten 42
                   48268 Greven
Telephon:          +49-2571-549575
Telefax:           Tell me by Pone to start my FAX-Modem
Amateur Radio:     DG3YEI 145.375 Mhz
E-mail (Privat):[letter]
Einige der folgenden Links verlassen die Domain "" und sind daher mit dem kostenlosen PUBLIKOM-Zugang nicht abrufbar !
My favorite operating-systems:
OS/2 and LINUX
Best Results with NETSCAPE ( Netscape for OS/2 is availiable )
With OS/2-Web-Ex you unfortunately can not see the icons moving.
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