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On this page you will find a little selection of poetry which I wrote.

* Gentle touches *
On a loneley night I step in to my car.
I drive through the fields and woods,
through a beautiful summernight.

From CD the sound of nice women's voice singing touches my ears.

I stop near a little lake and step out of the car.
On my way to the lake the fresh leaves of some young trees
gently strokes my face.

I arrive at a sandy beach, a very small bay surrounded
by some pine trees.

The wonderful smell of the pines touches my nose
and the darkness takes me in it's arms.

I get my top undressed and lay down.
The sand is still warm and touches my back like a cosy bed.

A little breeze from the water gently strokes over my body.

The smooth sound of the small waves running on the beach
reaches my ears.

I look into the sky and my eyes were touched by overwelming
twinkeling of thousands of stars.

I light a small candle and put it next to me.

Here I am, this little human, in the midst of all the elements.

The earth, the water, the wind, the fire and the universe.

My brain flyes through the universe and I begin dreaming.

I awake by a little raindrop touching my chest, and slowly
running on my skin down my side.

It is dawn, all the stars were gone and some clouds
painted in orange by the sun are on the horizon.

Fog is dancing on the water and the humidity reaches my skin.

The candle is burned up.

But not all stars were gone, there is one star left,
the morning star.
A friend in love gave my name to this star.
And while looking at it, this feeling of kindness and love
touches my soul.

The sun comes up, and her beams fall through the trees on my body.
They were playing on my skin.
I watch the shadows of the leaves dancing on me.

I stand up and take a deep breath of the fresh morning air.
Fishes are jumping on the water surface,
ducks are swimming and diving
and birds are singing in the trees.

The day has begun.

I go back to my car.
On my way the leaves of the trees stroke me goodby.

- I love you, my night lake ! -

I'm still as lonely as I was,
but this night again gave me strength to stand it.

Written in the morning of July 25th 1998
© NachtFalke

* The Elements *
On a warm summernight I drive to "my" lake.
Only the darkness and a little breeze surrounds me,
noone else is there.
I sit down in sand on the beach,
and light a candle in a red glass and put it next to me.
I place some tealights on styrofoam and put them on the water.
The reflection of their light paints the water like a burning sea.

After a while of watching my little fireships I get undressed and
walk slowly into the water.
I feel the fresh wet raising my legs, then I dive into the water.
From the deep I see reflections of flames on the surface.
After coming back up my fireships spread around me.

I take a deep breath, spread my arms and legs
and lay backwards on the water.

- Here I am, this naked little human ! -
In the midst of all the elements,
the fire, the wind, the water, the earth.
Above me a sky of beautiful twinkling stars
and around me the beaches and the shape of huge pine woods.
My mind flys away through time and space.

- I can think, so I am ! -
But why am I ?
Am I just the result of a simple biochemical evolutional process ?

Is all that what I see and feel around me just chemistry ?

Are all my whishes my yearnings just neuronal impules ?

And what about love, this love that feel deep in my heart,
sometimes hurting, sometimes overwhelming ...
Are this simple physical reactions of my body ?

And what about receiving love, feeling someone loves me,
not by a spoken word, not by a written text, not by a gesture,
just feeling it ...
Is it just the result of a combination of senses ?

And what about the space I see above ...
How did it start ? where did it come from ? how will it end ?
Is mother nature just a chance ?

I'm still drifting on the water and my body gets cold.
I sure will not find the anwers tonight, but beeing so strong
in touch with the pure nature makes me feel there must be more,
more than a human can sense.

I take a last deep dive,
- goodbye my water -.

Meanwhile my fireships spreaded far away.
I swim around to collect them and walk towards the beach.
My red glowing candle there shows me my way.
At the beach I stand and spread my arms,
a little breeze strokes my wet body,
- goodbye my wind -.

I dry my body and lay in the soft sand.
With my hands I take the sand and let it drift through my fingers
- goodbye my earth -.

I get dressed with a cosy jogging suit to get warm and take my
red candle from the beach and blow it out,
- goodbye my fire -.

I walk towards my car and take a last look to the lake
- goodbye my secret church -.

This night was my kind of prayer to my kind of God.

Written in fall 1998 in memory to a summernight 
© NachtFalke

* The Bridge *
In a far away land there is a bridge across the ocean.
People say at this place the most beautiful sundown of the world can be seen.
At late afternoon I stopped there together with a friend to watch it.
We sat down on the rip of the bridge and relaxed.
And I can confirm it was one of the most beautiful sundown I have ever seen.
But what made it so great ?
Was it the wondeful reflection of the sun playing on the waves of the ocean ?
Was it the immense thunderstorm cloud on the horizon with it's bizzar shapes ?
Was it the soft warm wind touching our skins ?
Was it the sound of the waves touching the piles of the bridge ?
Was it the smell of this open wide and fresh nature ?
Was it the beautiful different blue shades of the water ?
Was it the relaxed atmosphere of two humans on holiday ?
Was it the silence of darkness that surrounded us later ?
Was it the wonderful sky with it's millions of twinkeling stars ?
Sure, all this together made it very nice.
But what really made it an unforgetable experiance,
was to be there with a good friend !

© Dec.98 AG

* A far away island *
Pedro lives on an island
so very far from my land.

We chat every night
until the sun comes bright.

Some day I will reach him my hand.

© Nov.97 AG

* Trying to reach her *
I met Bernarda, a teacher,
she has so many feature.

She is busy most nights with other friends,
some times it looks like it never ends.

But I keep on trying to reach her.


© Oct.98 AG

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