PC loves PC

Diese Geschichte ist (fast) frei erfunden, Ähnlichkeiten mit lebenden PCs währen rein zufällig.

>********* now, a little bit about my body **********
>my alias-name is: Daggy
>bin ein 80486 DX2 -PC
>66 MHz, 16  us.w........
>Schnittstelle: SMC-Ether-Card Elite 16 Ultra-Combo
>Hardware-Adresse: 000000XXXXX
>IP-Adresse: 128.XXX.X.XXX
>haenge an einer Twisted-Pair-Dose:  123456

>mein Betriebssystem: MS-DOS 6.22
>                     WfW
>                     diverse Windows Applikationen Word-EXCEL-usw..
>                     SPRY MAIL-Schnittstelle-Nachtfalke
>                     PCTCP
>                     EXceed 4, die Schnittstelle zum UNIX-via TELNET
>in der UNIX-Welt- viele liebe Serverfreunde- Rechner ohne Ende.         
>Z.B.: AutoCAD- diverse Programmiersprachen-Datenbanken usw...
>Meine Augen in die Welt: EIZO-Flexscan F550 -i-W
>                         die Farbpalette: MIRO      
>Meine Tastatur : was japanesisches, : Mitsumi,
>und, ja eine mouse, fuer zaertliche Streicheleinheiten,
>     ach ich liebe dieses Modell: Microsoft
>*Ich bin einer, von mehreren,
> habe aber den besten Platz hier,
> direkt, an, na ...., aehm sehr feminine Umgebung halt,
> habe nicht den grossen Ausblick,
> werde aber trotzdem am meisten genutzt,
> ich koennte ja mal so ein bischen plaudern,
> so nach 16.00 Uhr, da geht die Post ab,
> tu ich aber nicht, will hier bleiben,
> sonst kommt ein anderer PC, ein schoener schneller,
> grosser Bildschildschirm, viel mehr Hauptspeicher,
> das non plus ultra....,
> steht vorne im ersten Raum, pst, oh,oh

Hi Daggy, it's me, "Entwicklung" ! (My Master was'nt very full of fantasy when he gave me that name) I'm one of the PCs of my master "Armin". Oh Daggy, I love your name and your bitstream, it's so nice and so rythmic, your beautiful HIGHs and LOWs. Your frequency, and your amplitude matches to all my feelings, it's so amazing, that I'm always naer a stack-overflow, and my prozessor is short before a burn out. But now more about me: I have about 7 Brothers, but I'm the one who uses my master most. The others are : Buchhaltung, Werkstatt, Wohnung, Baby and Test The remaining 2 don't have names, just an adress. We all are connected via thin Ethernet to the Server "Buero" and sometimes to some testservers. Me and my brother Buchhaltung are the most poweful. Through the years I've been many kind of different PCs. In the beginning I was a 8086, with 640K of ram, a MGA-Graphic card, a 20 MB Harddisk, two 360 K Floppy drives and a little bit else. But because my Master loves me, he always updated me to something better. Now I'm a 486 DX4-100 Vesa local Bus, in a desktop housing, standing on the table. So when my master sits down his legs are underneath me, and my front is looking straight to his body But between us is the keyboard, it's a Unitec, very old but very stable. My master made some changes in the keyboard prozessor for a better understanding with me. Actually I envy this keyboard because, it's nearer to my master. And one strange thing is, always on a day when my master tells me to connect you, my lovely Daggy, his fingers touches this keyboard in a very special way, so soft, so sentimental, so romantic. It looks like my master is in love with his words. On my top is standing the VGA-Monitor, I have to carry very hard on it because it's not a light one, through the years my housing bended a little bit under this load. Oh, by the way the monitor just said me he's a ADI-DMC-2304. I give to him my signals in the 640x480 mode (my Master don't like higher modes although I can manage it, maybe he's a bit blind) but therefore he choosed the 1 Million color mode. (I think he likes the truecolorworld) I handle all this videoactivities with a ET-4000-VL, puhhh, it's a quick one, so I have to work much. And there is it again this strange feeling, when I received a bitstream from you, my lovely Daggy, and my Master tells me to show it to him on the monitor, his eyes are looking in a complet other way, so romantic, it looks like as my master is dreaming, not reading. Just a moment, Daggy ....... Oh, I just got an interrupt from the PC "Wohnung" he told me that he always has the same feeling, but I told "Wohnung" to describe this on his own later. Well Daggy, I've got 12 MB Ram, 256 KB Cache, 2 MB Videoram. Inside me there is a 1.2 MB Floppy, (My master is a little dinosaur about that) and a 1.44 MB floppy, a 1.2 GB Harddisk, a 500 MB Tapestreamer, (My master is a very careful one) and a very old singlespeed CD-Romdrive. (My myster doesn't use it very often, for this usage he goes to my brother "Buchhaltung" there is a quadspeed, I envy him a little.) My slots are absolutly full, my master pusched so many cards in me, that I nearly break down, and he drilled many holes in my backside for may plugs, somtimes I feel as a "Swiss cheese". There is an Intel Ether-Express Ethernetcard with the address: 00 AA 00 0C 79 5B, then a Tape Driver Card, a very old one, manufactured from Colorado, oh girl, is that a long card, it matches my full size, next to it is the ET 4000 video, it uses all my slotpins, and then follows the card which I hate most, it's hard work for it, it's the multi I/O, so may interrupts, and such a big stream of data, very complicate to handle. But one of the things I like is, to this card is connected the trackball. (my master never uses mouses, only modified trackballs, the ball for the right hand and the buttons for the left) I enjoy it very much how my master rolls the ball to send me some impulses to place my cursor. His touches are so sensible, so smooth, it think, you would enjoy it my dear Daggy. He installed it with a dynamic driver, so I have the possibility to double or divide the actions of my master, we are a good team, and work often with layoutprogramms for printed circuit boards. The next slotcard is the most important, on it are on additional LPT and two additional RS232-Ports, one of it with a FIFO. And this, my Daggy, is the connection to you. It feeds a Zoom V.34 XE modem, and through this I can talk to the rest of the world, and to you. My master mostly tells me to connect to the "muenster.netsurf.de" then I have the IP-Address to .48 But the "muenster.netsurf.de" domain is a very crazy one, my modempartner on the other side sometimes makes strange things with me, sometimes there is no answer, or sometimes the connecion looses the carrier, or the loginhost sleeps and so on..... Fortunately the mailserver is stable at the moment, otherwise I wouldn't get your lovely bitstream. Sometimes my master connects me to "mcp.de", mostly when he likes to go surfing, but that's not so often. For experiments I'm sometimes connected to many other domains like aol.com, t-online.de, uni-xyz.de (my personally favourite domain, in this case I'm so near to you, my Daggy) and many other data-ports of the world. Next to this card is the Port for the old CD-Rom device, this is also a very old one, and I think in the future I should ask my master to update it, I think he will do so. In my last slot is an Universal-Programmer Port, for the ALL-03A. With this device I can program and test nearly all chips, like Proms, E-Proms, EE-Proms, PALs, GALs, CPUs and so on. Oh, it's a great feeling, not allone to have some hot silicon. I'm able to burn other chips, and if my master is a bit sleepy or dreaming, he chooses the wrong algorythm and then I burn the chip completly out. *PC-devil-smile* In the last monthes, after my master installed the aditional RS232 the current, I'm using, raised a bit much, and my silicon was getting a bit hot. Oh Daggy, you don't belive how I swetted. My powersupply was such hot, that the powergood signal sometimes dissapeared, and I made a complete reset. My master always was very angry about that, and I was so deary, because the fault is not on me, when my master overloads, my possibilities. But my master, (he's a professional technician, with a very smooth kind of working, he likes clean and good work, I think you would like him my Daggy) quickly found out what happend to me, and for the moment, he opened my topcase a little bit, so i can breath a bit better. He intends to give me an additional blower van, to get more air. Well about my Software, I'm working under MS-DOS 6.2a (thats the one my master loves most, you know ... the dinosaur ... but Pssssssst !) and then I've got Windows 3.11 (my master lovehates it, he always says: "Windoofs...der laengste Virus der Welt") I don't think so, but I really sometimes have some problems to understand this crazy language, and it accsesses my Memory more than it should be. Oh by the way Daggy, I saw you have 16 MB of memory, congratulations ! I have a very erotic idea, how's about sharing our memories between us, wouldn't that be nice ??? I think our masters are doing the same, so schouldn't we make a careful test ??? Under Windows I've got an awful lot of applications, most of them are technical, many are internetspecific and some of them are graphics and a lot of tools. In the last time it's grown so much, that I've problems to hold all the Windows Icons on my screen, if it grows further, my master definitly has to switch to an higher videomode. ... this blindfish ... pssst! When my master is programming with me, he does this under QB4.5 and under MASM 6.11. He likes to access my silicon as direct as possible, but he does this in a so sensible way that his programms work on nearly all of the compatible PCs, sometimes I'm a bit jealous that this programms are not for me only. Oh Daggy, I like my masters programms they are so logic, so clear, so sensitive, such a nice HEX-Code, beautiful Mnemonics, and lovely comments, I think you would also enjoy it ! I heared that my master intends to switch over to C++, I'm not schure what I think about that, I belive it will be a hard time for both of us, my master and me, but as I know him he will manage this for shure. And my brothers "Werkstatt" and "Test" told me that my master's slotcards have an excellent design, and matches wonderful into their slots. They say it's a great feeling to get their slots plugged by my master's slotcards. They are easy to access, and give a good performance. Oh oh, it's getting a little bit late, well time goes by when a computer falls in a nice talk with Daggy ..... But my master isn't angry about that, he's also a nightworker. Some bitstreams ago I heared someone gave him the Nickname "Nachtfalke" he is very proud of it, I think it was someone with the Nickname "Mailwuschel", it looks like a nice Girl, I read some very romatic things from her, ---- but psssssst ! Top secret. ---- Do you know her, Daggy ??? You said something like "sehr feminine Umgebung", could it be that girl ??? Oh Daggy, I would give all my mathpower, to have only a litte look from your position. Oh yea, I forget to tell you where I'm located, if you enter the house, you go righthand downstairs into the cellar, then take the second door on the left side, (the first door is where your lovely bitstream arrives) on the door is a big sign with the company-label and "Buero" after entering, you see on the right side a small table with three easy-chairs for visitors, if you look straight on you see two writing-tabels wall to wall, on one of it my master does his hand-writings, in the middle of the room is a third table this is specialy for my brother "Buero" and if you look half to the left, you see some 19" boards with many of communication-electronics and with my server, and then still further to the left in front of that wall which is located to this side from where you entered the house, there is a very very long table with an unbevliable chaos on it, under it, behind it and at the wall. And in the top of this chaos, I'm located ! (my master chooses this place, because not anyone who comes in, can directly see his work and his chaos, but sometimes, he has to schow some cutomers something on my screen, an when the customers observe this chaos, my master's face is sometimes getting a bit red and he always says: "ähhh, mmm, oh, ja hier muesste auch mal wieder aufgeraeumt werden" but customers who come more frequently, don't belive that anymore...) But Pssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssst !!! By, my lovely Daggy, I'm locking forward to get another bitstream from you, in cybelove, your "Entwicklung"
Copyright © : Armin Gräwe, Münster, Germany

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