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Münster for differently abled persons

A visit without obstacles

You’ll be able to enjoy your stay in Münster even if you’re disabled. That’s because the city has done a lot to enable people with disabilities to move about unhampered and safely. We have compiled a host of useful information for you - from the dedicated city map and special guided tours to wheelchair rental agencies.

A hands-on model of the city

vergrößernA hands-on model of the city

The city map especially designed for disabled persons can be obtained free-of-charge at the Münster Information Centre, or click in the right column on this page to print it. Here you’ll find a lot of information about barrier-free access at the tourist sites, museums or theatres. The map identifies the spots for crossing the cobblestone pavement in the old town in a wheelchair, locations of palpable city models, barrier-free toilets, acoustic traffic lights for blind persons or any potential barriers.

Furthermore, in the "Information for disabled persons," which also can be printed out, we have compiled some useful advice and contact addresses on many topics - from barrier-free hotel rooms to guided city tours.


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