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Sculptures in Münster

Martin Boyce – We are still and reflective

Martin Boyce – We are still and reflective

increaseMartin Boyce – We are still and reflective

That which does not become apparent does not exist for us, but yet, it is there - it just has to be perceived, claims Martin Boyce.

The unimpressive square in the former zoo site is covered with poured concrete slabs. 13 shapes form a pattern which has been adopted by the artist from French sculptors Jan and Joel Martel. The latter designed abstract concrete trees in the 1920s, presenting a “perfect unity of architecture and art” in Boyce’s opinion. Select interspaces of the concrete slabs were inlaid with brass strips made by the Scottish sculptor to form letters: We are still and reflective, as says the lettering. Being aware of the message set in the ground fills the desolate place with emotion and meaning.

Himmelreichallee, north of the LBS building by the water ditch


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