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Münster is well worth seeing: Liebfrauen- or Überwasserkirche

The Lord's house beyond the Aa river

Liebfrauen- or Überwasserkirche

increaseLiebfrauen- or Überwasserkirche

The name of the church results from its former location outside of the city walls, beyond the Aa river (= across the waters of the Aa). Finished by 1340, the lofty, bright hall church features the mightiest gothic church spire throughout Westphalia, which was bereft of its roof by a hurricane in 1704, however. The splendid sculptures of the figure portal, that was destroyed by the Baptists, have been excavated in the Kreuzschanze and are now on display in the Westphalian State Museum.

Liebfrauen- or Überwasserkirche


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